For the Wild & Whimsical

Handmade in Mauritius

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In the beginning, Deniz created heaven known as Lost Eden..
Deniz said ‘let there be magic’ and there was jewellery.

Infused in sunlight, femininity and magic, Lost Eden was created in 2016 with the intention of gathering a community of goddesses to adorn their wild and whimsical souls with one of a kind treasures.

Founded by Deniz and now co-run with partner Sanveg Beeharry on the paradise island of Mauritius, the pair strives to provide beautiful, handmade jewellery that takes you on an adventure to hidden, exotic lands.

Each piece is carefully designed and created by Deniz using genuine crystals and semi-precious stones that are just as healing for the eyes as they are physically. 

Ethereal notions imbued in earthly treasures. 




Our core values are what keeps us grounded and reminds us as a team of why we do what we do.  It defines our standard and keeps the mindset we require to keep elevating, growing, and innovating our journey with Lost Eden. 



Beauty & bohemian styles are what we are attracted to and aim to create at Lost Eden.

Our jewellery is made with the purest intentions of expressing beautiful, unique and one of a kind pieces, like the goddesses who wear them.
Full of positive energy from our natural crystal stones that have been cleansed, these also bring colour and high vibrations to our 

Beauty, design and quality is something we implement in all aspects of Lost Eden.


In life we put a lot of energy into the things we love and in return we receive in abundance.  We believe in being aware of this circle of energy.  


The workings of the universe is beyond our knowledge, but being aware and existing in such a simple occurrence gives us enough to journey through this physical realm.

We are eternally grateful to all those that support our dreams here at Lost Eden and we hope to always give back where we can.


In all existence, humans have made many mistakes and won many battles because of opinions. We are all different yet our destination is the same.

Your voice is always valued here at Lost Eden. We innovate and grow from your opinion, as without it we have less direction.

We strive to produce unique designs that are distinctively true to Lost Eden's style. We are constantly growing and learning new ways to better the quality of our products and services.


Shopping with us is out of all the physical aspects an experience.

From browsing, placing an order, receiving a package, unboxing and wearing our jewellery we want you to have the

 grand experience of feeling like the goddess that you are!

Having a community of likeminded souls who value our craftsmanship is too special for words to express.

To exchange energy with each piece of handmade jewellery is just as much of a beautiful experience for us as we hope it is for you.