✧ Gold plated 

✧ Aluminium 

✧ Stainless Steel 

✧ Raw Brass 

At Lost Eden we have contemplated a lot about whether to keep using the above mentioned materials or use higher quality metals like pure gold or gold filled.  We have however, decided to keep working with them and here’s why:




The metals are easier to work with when it comes to creating intricate and detailed design on charms and other parts of any jewellery. They are quicker to process in all official and legal aspects of operating with them. 




For the most part they are strong and durable depending on how they are taken care of.  Some of our jewellery has lasted over 2-3 years of use and some has lasted 2 weeks.  Naturally it is how the person decided to use the accessory.  When jewellery of such build is bought, proper care does not necessarily mean cleaning and keeping away from moisture, but also how often you wear it.  

In addition, the changes in your body’s chemistry brought about by fluctuating pH levels can cause specific reactions between your skin and your chosen jewellery. Sulfur and amino acids found in perspiration will cause discolorations either on your skin or your jewellery. If your sweat has a highly acidic characteristic, chances are, the fabulous pieces you’re wearing will either change in colour or fade when you perspire. 

We always include a care-card with all orders to explain how to take care of your treasure. 


Pure solid gold is something that you can wear everyday and it will last a life time.  Anything below this quality is highly advised to be worn for special occasion or less that often. 



Jewelry made of such quality is usually found to be very affordable simply, because of the quality, but what you are really paying for is the labour and handcrafted creativity that goes into making the pieces. 


Because of the time and intentions we put into each piece we advise proper care and to be worn occasionally so it does tarnish too quickly.  As a team we try very hard to keep our material and cost of selling as balanced as possible to keep our pricing fair and affordable. 


Many customers ask us if the jewellery will tarnish in time, and the answer is yes it will, but again, it is up to how it is used that depends on how quickly. Our best advice to people looking for everyday wearing jewellery that does not tarnish is to simply go for anything that is pure gold as there will be no disappointment.