Goddess Womb Activation

Goddess, you are and have always been the source of Creativity, Life force Energy, Abundance and Sacred Knowledge! 

  • It is time to remember who you really are and awaken your Divine Feminine, clear your Womb which is the source of incredible cosmic power within your body

  • It is time to embrace your divine, sensual self! 

  • Through healing your Womb and connecting to the the source you will embark to a new life journey where blissful, joyful reality will unfold!





Womb Activating Ceremony through channeling the Atlantis and sacred Cosmic Waters codes


  • Your sacred journey begins with a Cacao Shamanic Ceremony to open your heart chakra and prepare you to receive the healing energy!

  • Now you are ready to reborn your Goddess Wisdom which will start with gentle Kundalini Shakti activation followed by Womb Healing through the support of 

  • Crystalline Waters and Atlantis Codes activation.

  • Journey will finish with a Womb Healing & Conceiving Energy session.


Only Individual Sessions or groups with max 3 people.


Bookings upon Request Only.

Date and Time is chosen according to the client convenience.