Custom Orders

We accept custom orders.  We will usually be more likely to make designs that are relevant to our style.  

If you would like to order something that is not currently available online do contact us as we might be able to remake it for you. This all depends on the materials we have available.

Jewellery Care

All gold plated items are liable to rust in time, however with provided advice from the Lost Eden’s Care Cards the material is bound to last longer as a protective rust free coat is also applied on all metals used.


Care Information:

The materials we generally use for our jewellery include: Nickel and lead-free gold-plated and brass charms, chains and earrings, crystals, semi-precious stones, pearls etc.

Due to the delicate nature of handmade jewellery, care must always be taken to preserve and increase the longevity of your unique piece.

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Local (Mauritius & Rodrigues island) take a maximum of 7 business days to arrive.

International shipping varies between 1 week - 2 months depending on your country and global shipping conditions.

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Business to Business

We are very much open for business and love to meet other like minded entrepreneurs.  If you like what we do and have a proposition for us we would love to hear about it. 

You may call or WhatsApp on: +230 59445589

or email us at: